1948 Jesuits

The Jesuit Chapel in the Great Hall

The Jesuit Chapel in the Great Hall

After the war Mrs. Van der Elst lost interest in the Manor. She auctioned interior contents, and sold the house and 500 acres to The Society of Jesus (Jesuits) for use as a novice centre.

The Jesuits made necessary renovations, including placing the refectory and kitchens in their present locations. By 1949-50 the first novice class had arrived, along with retired priests who live in the State Rooms.

The Jesuits occupied the Manor for two separate time periods, leaving the Manor in the hands of a caretaker for extended years.

Life at Jesuit Harlaxton


Long Gallery in Jesuit times

Long Gallery in Jesuit times, note the replacement of Mrs Van der Elst’s chandeliers for plainer versions









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