Gregory’s life

A Neo-Renaissance Man

Much of Gregory Gregory’s life remains a mystery, but his influence stretches from architectural styles of manor homes built during his era to Harlaxton College students’ educational experiences today. Gregory Gregory was born into a wealthy family and inherited multiple estates from his uncle, George Gregory. He lived during a time when young men from rich families were expected to attend university, but would often leave before graduating to take over the family business or run the estate.

Though modelled after much earlier 16th Century styles, Gregory Gregory’s Harlaxton Manor took advantage of Industrial Revolution developments in manufacturing, and many parts of his home were created by machines in the new factories. He also followed the British gentleman’s trend of collecting valuable art, artefacts, and furniture from mainland Europe, pieces made affordable and available to overseas collectors as these countries struggled through various wars and rebellions. It was through the objects he collected and the manor home he built that Gregory Gregory attempted to recreate the world and its wonders all in one place – so that one would only need to look at his house and see what the world had to offer.

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