1935 Philip Pearson Gregory

Demolition advertPhilip Pearson Gregory (1888-1955) of the Grenadier Guards, married Marcia Ridley in 1911. Lieutenant Philip Pearson Gregory resigned his commission in 1913, no doubt with a view to settling down in the English countryside with his new wife, but with the outbreak of war in 1914 he rejoined his regiment.

Philip Pearson Gregory was posted to the Western Front in 1916, and won the second highest award for bravery – the Military Cross in the battle of Passchendaele in 1917. Sadly, Marcia, his wife, died in a car crash in 1930. So when Philip inherited the Manor he was a widower with four children.

Philip Pearson Gregory remarried in January 1937, but decided not to live at the Manor. The house contents, village houses, woodlands, and tracts of agricultural lands were sold at auctions.

In this Nottinghamshire Cricket Team photograph dated 1914, Philip Pearson Gregory sits in the centre, as Captain, in the striped blazer.

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