Pearson Gregory on a fishing trip

Pearson Gregory on a fishing trip

Following the First World War life in the Manor returned to normal. Pearson Gregory or ‘PG’ as he was affectionately known, was still squire and guests once more became accustomed to the quaint lack of electricity and plumbing in the Manor. PG was known to have installed electricity for one night only for a Grantham Hospital event.

According to the Census, the household in 1931 consisted of a Butler, a Footman, a Hall boy and a Valet, three Housemaids, a Scullery Maid, two Laundry Maids, a Cook and a Housekeeper.

Pearson Gregory died in November 1935 aged 84. For the first time, there was a direct heir of the Manor, Pearson Gregory’s only son, Philip Pearson Gregory (1888-1955).

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