1854 George Gregory

Gregory Gregory died in June 1854 of “gout exhaustion”, whilst the Manor was still having final touches to complete the building. The Stamford Mercury, 7 July 1854, reported

“The mortal remains of Gregory Gregory Esq. were interred on Friday in the family vault at Harlaxton. A hearse and six mourning coaches were despatched from The George Hotel, Grantham and the tenantry of the deceased from Lenton and a large number of friends followed in procession.”

Gregory had intended the whole of his estate to go to his neighbour, and friend Sir Glynne Earle Welby of Denton Manor, uniting this great house with a great estate. However, the Manor reverted to the family line of succession, passing to an elderly cousin called George Gregory (1776-1860), who it is likely never lived at the Manor.

In his Will, Gregory left £500 to Samuel Baguley, his “confidential servant” who was named prior to anyone else, denoting a certain level of importance. Mr Baguley died in 1884 when he was 68. Gregory’s Will also give details of annuities to be paid to his servants:  Baguley (Butler) 100 pounds, Wade (Gardener) 20 pounds, Palethorpe (Bailiff) 20 pounds.  100 pounds in 1854 is worth approximately 60,000 pounds average annual earnings in 2012. A codical to the Will dated April 1854 bequeaths his Housekeeper Elizabeth Sandiland the sum of 300 pounds and to his faithful servant William Shelbourne (Wagoner) the sum of 200 pounds.

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