Pizza Run

Pizza to Go, and Go, and Go…

In the early 80s, 140 homesick and hungry students decided to order 40 pizza (19 pepperoni, 10 sausage, eight mushroom, and three plain) from Original Famous Ray’s in Greenwich, New York (a place that most of the students talked about while over at the Manor) to eat at Harlaxton. Each student paid three pounds and 50 pence (about $6.30) to order the pizza, where each student would have two slices each to eat. Two students, Frank Idaball and John Bruce, bought airplane tickets to the pizza place to pick it up. This international pizza hit headlines in Grantham and in New York being acknowledged as the longest-distance pizza order in history.

ARC 18_International Pizza (Pizza to Go, and Go, and Go).jpg

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