Harlaxton College

The Camelot of “Academie”

HAR65 Wallace Graves -1982

Dr Wallace Graves


After taking over the Harlaxton Manor lease in 1971, Dr. Wallace Graves, president of the University of Evansville (1967-1987), made Harlaxton Manor into a new British study centre for its students. In the fall of 1971, 170 students from the University of Evansville stepped into the then 130-year-old manor and began the experience of their lives, absorbing British traditions and history.




HAR64 Bill Ridgway

Dr William Ridgway


It officially became Harlaxton College in 1978 after Dr. William Ridgway, a trustee for the University of Evansville, bought the Manor and 115 acres of land. This study abroad connection continues to this day and includes associations with 26 partner universities.





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