University of Evansville

Harlaxton as a Home Away from Home

Since the 1960s, Harlaxton Manor has served as both school and a home to students from different universities across the United States as it completed its metamorphosis from a private home owned by a single person to a public educational institution.

Beginning with Stanford University in 1965, Harlaxton Manor opened its doors to American students, teaching them about the history and culture of British life while also providing them a base to explore the wider world on their own.

In 1968, the Manor was leased to the University of Evansville, who used it as a study centre until 1978, when Dr. William Ridgway, a trustee at the university, bought the Manor, turning it into Harlaxton College.

Today, Harlaxton Manor is the British home of approximately 1,000 students per year from the University of Evansville and partner institutions.

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