WW2: Pegasus Memorial

Pegasus Plaque Memorial


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The Pegasus Plaque in the Pegasus Courtyard memorializes the men of the 1st Airborne Division who resided at Harlaxton Manor from November 1944 – August 1945.  The memorial was created by Lieutenant/Corporal “Bill” Hinchliffe and Major Roy Tyler and was restored in 2004 by Roy Church of the Parachute Regiment and his friend, Frank Simmons.

“The plaque was in very poor condition after 50 odd years, all broken with weeds growing out of it, there was even a small elder tree coming out of the centre.”

When he had completed the restoration Roy Church published some photographs of the memorial in The Parachute Regimental Magazine (The Pegasus). As a result Mr Church made contact with seven of the regiment who were based here including Major Tyler MBE, whose name is chalked on the door to the room above the Refectory (“the war grafitti room”).

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