WW2: King’s visit

A King at Harlaxton

The importance of the Harlaxton base was underscored by the visit of King George VI (1895-1952).


In spring 1944 the King toured the country visiting troops before D-Day, visiting Harlaxton in March. The Captain in this photograph are actually in the RASC and they are looking at a mock-up of a rolling platform to carry panniers along the fuselage of the Dakota. The Captain tells how he had been told to escort the King round all the exhibits and explain their uses. He pointed out how the panniers were moved along on the rollers then pushed out of the aircraft. At that point his Colonel on the King’s left who was standing just behind him said, “But sir it isn’t always so easy as there is a problem with the panniers getting stuck in the doorway.” The King then replied, “Well it’s quite s-s-simple weally, just g- get the Americans to make the doors bigger.” The man on the King’s right behind the metal work is Lt General Boy Browning – the husband of Daphne du Maurier and the man hidden behind him is Major General Urquhart.

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