WW2: Killick’s Diary

Killick’s Diary As A Prisoner of War


Captain Sir John Killick served as a Field Security Officer with the Intelligence Corps 89 Field Security Section in the 1st Airborne Division.  Captured after four days of intense action at Arnhem, he shares his experiences in a Prisoner Of War camp at Oflag 79, Querum, near Brunswick.

In a copy of a photograph held in the Manor Archives Captain John Killick is pictured with a sten gun near a bridge at Arnhem on September 18, 1944, looking for two of his unit comrades.  He was able to find them, but unfortunately one was already dead.

Apparently after I left Arnhem the rest of the officers has all been loaded into a truck in the same way and sent  off towards Zutphen.  En route civilians waved and so on and one group of schoolchildren went so far as to cheer.  This displeased the SS man sitting beside the driver and he stopped the truck and got out to tick them off…             ~Captain John E. Killick

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