WW2: Corporal John Hamblett

Corporal John Hamblett at Harlaxton Manor


Corporal John Hamblett in capacity of Orderly Corporal stands to attention on saluting base in the rear courtyard. The flagpole behind him would have just had the company standard raised. This was brought back from Battle for Arnhem and is now stored at RMP Depot Museum, Chichester, after having been restored.

In a series of correspondence held in the Manor archives, Corporal John Hamblett discusses his time at Harlaxton Manor while the 1st Airborne Divisional Provost Company occupied the grounds via the owner at the time, Mrs. Violet Van der Elst.  He also mentions the men who created the Pegasus Memorial.

“I remember Mrs. Van der Elst, who was a millionaires, lining us up on the main lawn and giving us all a £1 note for racing across it in full kit.”     ~ Corporal John Hamblett


Corporal John Hamblett has a tug-of-war with a parachute on the main lawn in front of Harlaxton Manor.

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