Second World War

The Second World War at Harlaxton Manor

A Historical Exhibit Researched and Collected by:  Keaton P. Douglas

Harlaxton College Spring 2016

Wabash College Class of 2017


World War II is largely remembered for the devastating battles on the European continent; however, the war also impacted Grantham and even Harlaxton Manor.  Grantham still shows signs of damage from the 1940 – 1942 air raids and WWII soldiers left their personal marks on Harlaxton Manor. The Royal Air Force’s 1st Airborne Division was one regiment that resided and trained at the Manor from 1940 through the end of the war in 1945.  Today, we can understand the war through documents that allow us to trace the activities and personal stories of soldiers who resided at Harlaxton Manor and in the surrounding areas.

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