Unused Kitchen

The current Library used to be the old kitchen, but we do not know if it was ever used, possibly only on the day of Gregory Gregory’s funeral (as reported by Grantham Journal, 30 November 1935). The corridor led down to the old dairies, game larder and bedrooms.

Mrs Thornton recalled that the housemaids had to enter the Manor through this back way after an evening out. As she was Head Housemaid she always had to accompany the junior housemaids whenever they went out. They had to be back by 9.30pm as the main gates were always locked at that time. The route they had to take to get to their own bedrooms meant that they had to go via the Housekeeper’s Room so that she knew what time they had come in.

Mrs. Thornton’s recollections, Head Housemaid, 1928-1937

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