Tapestry Gallery

Tapestry Room. From a Gregory family album, 1855-60.

“Tapestry Room at Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire, George Gregory Esq.” From a Gregory family album, 1855-60.

The Long Gallery was originally known as the Tapestry Gallery, with its walls decorated with large, fine, Beauvais tapestries such as the one above.

A GRAND PANEL, WITH VULCAN FORGING THE ARMOUR OF ACHILLES, with numerous other figures, and rich scroll and shell border, 1749. Signed A. C. C. Beauvais – 25 ft. 9 in. long by 12 ft. 2 in. high – with similar coat-of-arms (with border surmounted by the Royal Crown of France with the arms of France and Navarre encircled by the Collar and Cross of the St. Esprit)

From: Catalogue of Gregory Heirlooms, Christie, Manson and Woods, 1878, p.12 item 113

This beautiful image was sent to us by Rear Admiral Michael Gregory, OBE, Lord-Lieutenant for Dunbartonshire. Michael Gregory is a descendent of Francis Gregory, brother of George Gregory (bapt. 1638, d. 1688). Francis and George were sons of John Gregory (d. 1694) and Elizabeth Alton (1613-75), whose marriage is commemorated in the Great Hall stained glass window. George Gregory married Susanna Lister (d. 1713) starting the line who inherit Harlaxton Manor ending with Gregory Gregory. Michael kindly scanned a set of images from his Victorian family album dating from when George Gregory owned the current Manor after Gregory Gregory’s death, 1854-60.

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