Service Wing

KM_C364e-20160726141956“There was an archway in what is now the kitchen area and either side were gun rooms. Pegasus Courtyard was used for mounting horses. All the alterations to this part of the building were made by the Jesuits, but the Army also used this area during the first world war and of course during the second world war. There was an old brewery at the end of the buildings but this was not used by Mr Pearson Gregory. The stable block was used to garage the car (a Bentley).

There were six gardeners altogether including one who was employed solely to chop out the edges on the drive which was graveled in those days. The staff also included a chauffeur, farm labourers, 3 housemaids, 2 laundry maids, the Housekeeper, the Butler, the Hall Boy, the Valet, 3 in the kitchen, the Gatehouse Keeper and 3 Gamekeepers.

Mr Pearson Gregory led a quiet life. He was Chairman of the Hospital Managers and went to the hospital on Mondays. He was also on the local Bench and visited Grantham court one day a week. There were not a lot of visitors to the Manor. Three to four shoots a year were held when guests came, and the hounds once a year. Mr Pearson Gregory used to go away fishing and shooting, he did not ride. A frequent visitor to the Manor was Mrs Hargreaves, previously Alice Liddell, who, when she was younger had been the model for Alice in Wonderland.”

Mrs. Thornton’s recollections, Head Housemaid, 1928-1937

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