From a Gregory family album, 1855-60.

The Winter Garden [Conservatory] at Harlaxton. Note the luxuriant planting beds which have now been reduced and slabbed over. From a Gregory family album, 1855-60.

“Mrs Thornton said the Conservatory always looked beautiful, full of flowers and plants and camellia trees which went right up into the roof. When a lady visited the Manor flowers from the Conservatory were placed in her room, and also round the house. There were two gardeners who worked in the Conservatory, Mr Harris and Mr Pacey. [Mr Harris married Urania Stevens, Housemaid, 1890].

In the walled garden grew all sorts of vegetables and soft fruits, in fact anything that Mr Pearson Gregory requested could be provided from the garden. There were six gardeners altogether including one who was employed solely to chop out the edges on the drive which was graveled in those days.”

Mrs. Thornton’s recollections, Head Housemaid, 1928-1937

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