Inventory Room Lists

The 1864 Inventory has been transcribed and sorted to produce the room and object lists below.


Object lists:

See also Gregory’s Library

Source: National Archives, London. Cause: D’Eyncourt v Gregory (i) Inventory of articles (heirlooms, including library and works of art) at Harlaxton New Manor House, [LINCS.] delivered up by defendant John Sherwin Gregory in pursuance of orders 2 July 1864, 9 Aug. 1866 and 7 Dec. 1866; bound in red leather (ii) copy of foregoing. Deposited (i) 11 Dec. 1868 and (ii) by plaintiff [sic] Sir William Earles Welby-Gregory, bart., 28 June 1876. Document Ref. J90/1217 [copy held in Manor Archives]

Linda Dawes, College Librarian, October 2019