Annual rejoicing of the Manor, 1843

Snowy gazebo by Linda Dawes, 2013

Snowy gazebo by Linda Dawes, 2013

“The twelfth annual rejoicing at the progress of this magnificent building took place on Saturday evening … at the Golden Lion Inn, Harlaxton, where a treat was given by Gregory Gregory, Esq. to the workmen and others employed, amounting to one hundred. After the usual loyal toasts, health and long life to the worthy proprietor and respected friend to the labouring classes” was drank in the most enthusiastic manner by all present. The chair was filled by Mr. John Howlson, supported by Mr. Laing of Stoke Rochford; and Mr. Wilson, builder, of Grantham, acted as vice. The evening was spent in the most harmonious manner, all being highly delighted with the annual treat so generously bestowed by Mr. Gregory.” Stamford Mercury, Friday 29 December, 1843

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