Haunting the Manor

Photography: L. Dawes

Dining Room Landing (Photography: L. Dawes)

A Grantham Journal article relating to a visit to the Manor in 1859, describes a painting hanging in the corridor adjoining the Grand Dining Room or State Dining Room as it is now known as.

“One likeness of an infant heir to the estate is singular from its having been taken after death; it bears the following writing:- “Daniel Deligne infant, octo dierum obit, secondo die Februarij. Anno Salutis, 1621. – Stilo Anglia.””

Roughly translated: the infant of Daniel De Ligne, 8 days old, 2nd February 1621 – English style.

Mrs Delves Broughton refers to this baby in her 1906 Ladies Field article. Daniel De Ligne purchased the original Manor in the village of Harlaxton in 1619. Before the birth of their first child, Daniel and his wife Elizabeth received a prophecy that the baby would die from an accident before its first month. They were so alarmed that when the little girl was born they carefully chose a nurse and gave her strict orders never to let the baby out of her sight. By the second week the nurse was so worn out with anxiety that she fell asleep holding the baby in her arms whilst sitting by the fire. She awoke to find that the baby had slipped out of her arms and into the fire.

There are rumours that a crying baby haunts the manor, but this event would have taken place in the old manor house.


Broughton, Delves Mrs., 1906. Beautiful homes: Harlaxton Manor, Lincolnshire. The Ladies Field, March 10, p.14-17

Reminiscences of a visit to Harlaxton Manor House. The Grantham Journal, Saturday May 28 and Saturday June 4, 1859

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