Theed’s marble bust of Mr Gregory

In an article in The Grantham Journal dated 1859 the writer gives a detailed recollection of a visit to Harlaxton Manor. At this time the Manor was open to visitors on Mondays “through the kindness of George Gregory, Esq.”. A conspicuous object in the “Baron’s Hall” (now known as Great Hall) was an exquisite marble bust by W. Theed, Esq, artiste of the “Newton Statue” which can still be seen today on St Peter’s Hill, Grantham. The marble bust bears the inscription “Gregory Williams Gregory, who caused this mansion to be erected 1830-1854.”

By 1875, according to another article in The Grantham Journal, the marble bust of Mr. Gregory had been relocated to the gardens. This article first appeared in the Journal of Horticulture in the same year, in which there is a beautiful engraving of the formal gardens.

Detail from photograph appearing in The Ladies Field, March, 1906

Detail from photograph appearing in The Ladies Field, March, 1906

Somehow the bust appears to survive the spectacular Gregory Heirlooms sale at Christie’s in 1878, as Mrs Delves Broughton refers to its presence in her article for The Ladies Field in 1906.

“Facing the house on the south side a broad flight of steps leads upwards from the formal garden, and here, in an open space at their summit, is a marble statue of Mr. Gregory Gregory gazing down with sightless eyes at all his wonderful creations.”

What happens to the bust hereafter is a mystery. It does not appear to be in the 1937 Contents Sale Catalogue, so one hopes it has remained in the Pearson-Gregory family.


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  1. Visitor to the Manor, Steven Schoenig SJ (Saint Louis University), thought that the statue that currently stands at the top of the stairs leading to the Dutch Canal is St. Stanislaus Kostka, who died as a Jesuit novice at 18 years old in 1568, and is considered the patron saint of Jesuit novices. Harlaxton Manor was a Jesuit novitiate between 1948 and 1965.

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